Monday, 24 September 2007

Sunday 23nd September 2007

Aaron and I grabbed the opportunity of a spare afternoon to track some new songs of his. It was exciting to be back behind the desk, being the first to hear him spit definitive takes of Sun Dogs and The Azure Tongues of Summer. We also mopped up the songs from the catalogue that weren’t recorded properly for Yonder! but were too good to waste as EP tracks. The Ballad of Him & Her & Me will never be sung better in my opinion, than the take Aaron delivered in my room. It had been sharp all the way through on the September 2006 take, but not now. Instead he sang with a steady, assured flow to his voice that ensured all notes were ticked and checked perfectly. Another label favourite I Do Believe You Are The Devil, which appears as a live track on The Whiplash Tongues EP (yet to be released) received an airing, along with Vagrants and Heat Split (both working titles). A sterling afternoon’s work.