Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Saturday 8th September 2007

Adrian from Girls! Girls! Girls! arrived last night to do some bass work. He nailed the My Attorney stuff in record time. Such a talented, intuitive musician – all I had to do was press record and he did his stuff. It was a pleasure working with him from start to finish. He’s added bass to In One Hit, Cash Mason, Capital City and John, You Saved My Life. The last one proved to be particularly interesting. “I don’t do reggae,” said Adrian, but in the end we got some really mad stuff down that I’ll cut into a start-stop-makes-no-sense-whatsoever part that could either sink or swim. He also added to Magic Roads by Bec. It’s starting to sound like a proper song now. A chat about how Ex Libris could help Gx3 with their most recent assault on the industry. We’d love to take them on for real, but would only hamper their chances in our current fledgling state. Instead we’ll share knowledge and bandwidth and help them sell their mighty sounding album online. We resolved to have another session in November, when Adrian could also track his country murder songs. Then a long lunch, and dancing at Pop Klubb.