Monday, 24 September 2007

Friday 21th September 2007

Aaron McMullan has been up visiting this weekend. He played a fragile, affecting set at a Portions For Foxes gig at The Dog & Parrot on Friday night. All the usual suspects were out in force: Bec & Adam, Greg from Narc., our distributor Lisa, John from FIL, our soon-to-be session sax player Becca, Alt.Vinyl’s Richard Dawson and A Woman of No Importance’s Matt. Matt’s new band Sunday School were rough around the edges, but showed real promise for the future in that the songs were strong, and the pedigree of college class mate John Tweddle on bass with Becca on cello should bode well for their studio work. Richard’s set was fantastic, and it was even better to receive a CD copy of his album for free. It made me feel sheepish about having Yonder! on sale for £6. Emmy The Great stole it for me, though: her beauty, her voice, and the delicately constructed craft of her writing made me slightly woozy (in that order, mind).